I guess that since this is my page it should be about me, me, and nothing but me. He he! This should be fun. Ok so here goes....

Age: 14

Birthday: March 21, 1988


School: North Hollywood High School Zoo Magnet


Pets: I have a tabby cat named Mark and he is the cutest little thing in the world.   


Hobbies: I play flute in North Hollywood High School Royal Regiment Marching Band and we recently won the city championship in November. I like drawing, reading, and hanging out with friends. I also play all sorts of card games and role playing forms. 


Interests: I am interested in just about all thing having to do with fantasy. I attend Loscon and am hoping to be able to attend other conventions soon. I am also a member of the lasfs and proud of it, although I'm not quite sure if that's really something to be proud of. 


Favorite Movies: The Matrix, The Princess Bride, Legally Blonde, and Bring it On.


Favorite Authors: Anne McAffrey, Tamora Pierce, and Mercedes Lackey

Well anyways I guess that's enough about me lets move on to something else like..... 

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