Hello Everybody;

This is the Pearl Cool Page, you must be cool because you’re on the cool page. I hope you have fun on the Pearl Cool Page.



 *_* Pearl Newton ^_^


  May 21, 1986 


  Canoga Park Environmental Agriculture Veterinary Science Magnet High


 I play Tenor Saxophone in the Canoga Park Mighty Hunter Marching Band. I am a FFA Section and Chapter Officer. I raise Pigs and Sheep at my schools farm. I love playing soccer and softball. I also love hang out with my friends at LASFS.    

 Career Goal

 I plan on being either an Agriculture Teacher or a Special Education Teacher.

Favorite Bands

 Greenday, Offspring, Slipknot, Papa Roach and bad Religion.

Favorite TV. Shows

7TH Heaven, Everwood, Friends, E.R., Birds of Pray and Simpson's

Favorite Food

Ice Cream, Pasta, Chicken, Candy (pixy sticks, sour punch), and Cake 

Favorite Movies

A Walk to Remember, Spiderman, Star Wars, Matrix, Bring It On, and Legally Blonde